By the Skin & Laser Diva - Over 13 years experience in Skin care and Laser Treatments!
IPL Hair Reduction & Laser Hair Reduction
With the Palomar MediLux or Candela GentleLase (Alexandrite)
Light based hair removal permanently reduces unwanted facial and body hair, in fewer treatments and with more comfort than is possible with traditional (Waxing or electrolysis) procedures. IPL is also safe to use on all skin types even darker skin.
IPL hair removal works by safely and effectively disabling the hair follicles, therefore preventing re-growth of the hair, without causing any damage to the skin.
Permanent hair removal is perfect for unwanted hair on the face, underarm, arms, abdomen, and any where else it is causing you discomfort.  It is also a very popular way to end shaving forever, on the legs and bikini area. To effectively achieve the desired results four- eight treatments per area are necessary.
Why? At any given time, only about one-third of the hair follicles are in the growth stage that respond well to the IPL, so at least four treatments are essential for permanent reduction.
We have three different cycles of hair: Catagen, Telogen, and Anagen so everyone needs at least 4-8 sessions spaced 4-12 weeks apart to match the growth cycles of the follicles for the part of the body that is being treated. After you have achieved your desired result you will need a follow up treatment 1-2 times a year depending on the area treated.
IPL Photofacial
With Palomar MediLux
Now, clear, radiant and healthy-looking skin is only a flash away!  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) remains the preferred method of improving color and clarity of the skin.
The visible signs of sun damage usually show up as irregular pigmentation, "age spots", enlarged pores, and increased capillaries and facial redness (Rosacea). IPL Treatments are an innovative way to quickly, safely and comfortably improve your skin's texture, tone and complexion, whether on your face, chest, hands or arms.  Signs of sun damage and age spots will usually flake off after one or two treatments, and capillaries and skin redness will dissipate, leaving you with clearer, younger-looking skin. After your first treatment the brown pigment will be smaller and lighter and any redness will be less noticeable and broken blood vessels will be smaller.
When treating redness or veins in the skin the IPL is targeted to the red color in the skin. The IPL heats up he blood under the skin and coagulates(cuts off blood flow) to the broken or enlarged vessel. After the first treatment you will notice the veins are less red and smaller. Most clients need 2-5 sessions at least 4 weeks apart.
When treating irregular pigmentation the IPL is targeted to the pigment (sun damage) under the skin. The IPL heats up that pigment and pushes it up to the surface of the skin. After your treatment the pigment will be darker but will lighten and exfoliate off the skin in 7-10 days. Most clients need 2-4 sessions depending on the area treated and the color of the skin.
Laser Tattoo Removal
with Medlite IV (Q-Switch NDYAG) and
Candela Alexlazr (Q-Switch Alexandrite)
Laser Tattoo Removal takes 5-7 treatments to effectively remove unwanted tattoo's. You must wait 6 weeks in between sessions. We have two different tattoo lasers so that we can effectively treat all colors of tattoo's. The easiest color to remove will be black because it absorbs the most energy from the laser and receives the best result. Tattoo's that are older and have already started to fade will need less treatments than fresh new tattoo's. We understand people get tattoo's for all kinds of reasons then decide to remove them for all kinds of reasons and we will not turn away a job too little or too large.
Fraxel Restore Treatment
with Reliant Fraxel (Erbium)
This is a safe non-invasive treatment effective for all skin types. The benefits for Fraxel treatment are: Smoother, fresher looking skin, Improved tone and texture, Reduced wrinkles around the eyes, and Improved appearance of acne scars and surgical scars. Most patients need at least 3-5 sessions 4-6 weeks apart depending on there specific skin problem. Most common treatments include: wrinkles on and off the face, acne scars or surgical scars, brown spots or age spots, stretch marks, and melasma.
V Beam Laser Treatment
with the Candela Pulse Dye Laser
We use the V Beam for Telangiectasia, Hemangiomas, Acne Vulgaris, Poikiloderma of Civatte, Rosacea, Cherry Angiomas, Port Wine Stains, Venous Lake, Scars, and Wrinkles.
Laser Leg Vein Treatment
with the Cutera Coolglide XEO Long Pulse NDYAG
We use the long pulse NDYAG for treatment on leg veins. The Cutera Excel systems deliver pulses of light energy which cause the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body. Blood flow will then be redirected to veins deeper below your skin's surface, where it should be. Often, patients find that one or two treatments are sufficient. However, the number of treatments necessary depends on the number, color, and size of the vessels being treated. Since individual results vary, ask your medical professional about your specific condition.
Treatment for Red Veins
with Laserscope Aura KTP
We use the KTP laser when we find any red veins or vessels. The treatment is safe on the face or the body. Most patients need 3-5 sessions 4-6 weeks apart. It is best after your treatment to avoid anything that would cause the veins/vessels to reopen which can include: running, hot tubs, sauna's, and strenuous activity.
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